We would urge all interested parties to sign up to NT in Trondheim. The tournament starts on Saturday morning and ends Sunday afternoon. Trondheim has been away from NT map in a few years, but there are strong forces started wanting to boost beach volleyball in Trondelag – we can all help them by joining us on! Deadline going out tonight at 23:59.

There are favorable flights and Choice has two hotels in about 1 kilometer away from the paths where we through NVBF get xxxxx The hotels are the Comfort Hotel Park and Quality Hotel Augustin.

Trondheim volleyball club also offers “Friend accommodation” to those who want it. If so, please contact through facebook page to Trondheim Beach volleyball club.

We wish all players are welcome to the next stop in Trondheim!

Beach TEMPERATURE IN BO!Finale teams ladies in Bo in 2017 (2)

Oda Ulveseth and Ingrid Lunde followed up the victory from last weekend’s NT in Skien, winning once again 01.02 after being severely beaten in the first final set. Victoria Kjølberg and Emilie Olimstad played flawless sideout through this set, and Ulveseth / Lunde was never close to threaten them even if they simply did not play bad volleyball. Beyond the game angry Ulveseth / Lunde more of the server’s over at Victoria Kjølberg and managed slowly to break into the game – and turn it just as they did in Skien … .We congratulate Oda and Ingrid with his victory number 2!

On the men’s side had Lars Retterholt and Martin Olimstad also found their way to the finals again just like in Skien. They failed to follow up after going a long Sunday where they went on their 5th game when they entered the final sand – this as a result of the number 3 in the initial heats and had to go through an extra playoff game. Jon Jørstad and Jørn Gamlemoen won 2-0 after calm and solid play throughout the final.